About Alast co.

ALAST Co Company established in the year of 1995. With technical background of associated staff in the field of telecommunication mobilization, the company has served many of the projects all over the country as a designer / supplier of telecom facilities and equipments. According to the valuable experiences earned by the engineering group of ALAST, now a days it can be well declared that our Consulting and design capabilities would provide the customers, various of suitable options to equip their affiliated industrial, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical plants with the most qualified and adequate Safety packages from the most trusted local and foreign manufactures in the world and region.

 Concerning the huge expansion of Oil and Gas Industry in our country, requirements for Explosion Proof equipments have been sharply increased, we have synchronized the future requirements with our knowledge. Our engineering staff will support you through recognizing the safety needs, designing the most practical solutions and introducing affiliated suppliers to provide you with your required systems such as Public Address/Paging, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Perimeter Protection, General Alarm and so on. We make it easy for you in both Electrical and mechanical aspects of the project. Look forward to your kind Inquiry.


We can cooperate in your projects in the following topics:


Telecommunication Systems

• Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) Systems

• Satellite Communication / TV / Entertainment Systems

• Radio Equipments

• PABX Systems

• Intercom / Talkback Systems

• CCTV Systems

• Local Area Network (LAN) Systems

• Weather-proof and Ex-proof Telephones

• Industrial and Ex-proof Audio / Visual Equipments


Fire & Gas Detection Systems

• Fire Detection Systems

• Gas Detection Systems

• Alarm Monitoring Systems

• Fire Damper Control Systems


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